Call of Duty Black Ops: Top 10 Multikills: Episode 36 by Anoj

Description: Click here to watch Call of Duty Black Ops: Top 10 Amazing Kills: Episode 35 by Anoj Call of Duty Black Ops: Top 10 Multikills: Episode 36 by Anoj Enter at Black Ops Accepted Submissions Episode 38: Epic Fails Episode 39: Search and Destroy Kills Episode 41: Lucky Kills Episode TBA: Killcams Episode TBA: Freakout Reactions Modern Warfare 2 Accepting Submissions: Episode 23: Amazing Kills Episode 24: Epic Fails Episode 25: Lucky Kills Halo Reach Accepting Submissions: Episode 32: Splatters Episode 33: Multikills Episode 34: Accidental Kills How to Submit Your Black Ops Clips: 1. Record your film into a film clip 2. Upload your film clip to 3. Go to to enter 4. Click on “Submit A Video” then click “Call of Duty Black Ops” 5. Fill out submission form which includes: – Episode Number – Email Address – Gamertag/ PSN ID – Download Link or YouTube Link – Short Description of the Clip 6. Click Submit! How to Submit Without a Capture Card Tutorial All submissions from Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and PC are accepted. The music in this video is from Call of Duty: Black Ops Soundtrack. Titles of the songs used are in the credits. Giveaway is run by Top10Series, not Machinima. Check out more Top 10 Series Black Ops Episodes! Check out Top 10 Series Halo Reach Episodes! Check out Top 10 Series Modern Warfare 2 Episodes! Check out all Anoj’s Top 10 Series
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